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Attention! The Browhaus Makeup Range is here!

Staying true to its mission of making one’s arches the best they will ever be, Browhaus Manila recently launched its first ever eye-makeup range that will surely level up your eye makeup game!

The Browhaus Makeup Range a.k.a “Weapons of Mass Seduction,” is made up of four tough makeup items including the Classic Brow Lead, Precision Eyeliner, HD Mascara, and Heavy-Duty Bi-liners. Joining the league is Erase Makeup Remover, an oil-based formula that perfectly complements the range of Browhaus’ waterproof eye makeup. Continue Reading

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A Belo Beautiful Christmas

Over the holiday season, Theresa Leung, Leung de Leon Marketing’s Creative Director was chosen by Belo Medical Group to be one of the judges for their annual inter-clinic Christmas contest.

The challenge? Pick a movie as a theme and incorporate Christmas elements in their respective clinics.
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Mission: SEXY

Sexy Solutions by Belo
Sexy Solutions by Belo is a non-surgical fat reduction clinic that uses state-of-the-art machines that MELT fat, TIGHTEN skin and TONE muscle.

The #SexyRevolution
LDL Marketing coined the Sexy Revolution in January 2014. It is a movement that encourages everyone to let go of unhealthy eating habits and ultimately revolt against fat. It’s a testament to Sexy Solutions’ holistic approach to weight loss as they give their clients a quick start to achieving their dream body. Sexy Solutions has signature treatments that help lose those last few inches that don’t come off in spite of proper diet and exercise.

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The Boho Bazaar Round Up!

Wanderlusts of all ages were treated to a selection of buzz worthy brands in the newest lifestyle center in the South, Commercenter. Fashionistas, foodies and home decorating aficionados flocked to the mall on April 25 & 26, 2015 and were pleasantly surprised to discover new and unique products and delicious treats.

Having organized three trunk shows/bazaars previously, Chief Curators Theresa Leung and Claudine de Leon wanted to try something different – A free spirited event, which they haven’t done before. Continue Reading

Event Host Issa Litton with Cellar Solutions' Charmaine Wang
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The Art of Wine Storage

Cellar Solutions, wine preservation company, now open for business!

Turning vision to reality, Eric Wang and wife Charmaine proved that anything is possible if you love what you do.

It all started when Eric took charge of wine selection for a friend’s restaurant. He studied wine and went on to different wine tasting events to prepare for this new venture. At the same time, he was keeping an eye out for possible business opportunities.

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