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Holcim Kids Day 2011

After donating more than 3 dozen eggs to Sta. Clara, nature was on our side as the hot sun shone down on us for the annual Holcim Kids’ Day. Circle of Fun, in QC Memorial Circle, was transformed into a carnival wonderland. The landscape was dotted with images of the adorable and adventurous Howie, the Holcim Kids’ Day mascot.





Children and parents wearing the Holcim Kids’ Day shirt for this year started trickling into the park and seating themselves at the different activities there were in store for them during the day.  There was the ‘Bottle Cap Pin Making’ booth where participants decorated used bottle caps and made them into nifty pins, the ‘Inflatable Mask Decorating’ booth where guests decorated masks worthy of a Venetian masked ball, a ‘3D Picture Me Charm’ booth where tiny doll charms donned the faces of their owners, an interesting take on the usual photobooth that used giant camera for taking pictures, a t-shirt decorating booth where one can personalize their I Love Holcim shirts, a tarot reading booth for the parents, and of course, a spa and relaxation tent for the tired parents who ran after their kids throughout the day.

Spa and Relaxation Tent by Bioeesence

Spa and Relaxation Tent by Bioeesence

T-Shirt Making Contest

T-Shirt Making Contest



Photo Booth


3D Picture Me Charm Booth

Bottle Cap Pin Making Booth

Bottle Cap Pin Making Booth


Inflatable Mask Decorating Contest

Inflatable Mask Decorating Contest

The kids immediately recognized Howie, who was all over the place, and Pepe Lou, the Holcim Kids’ Day host for every year, since this was conceptualized four years ago.

Host Pepe Lou with the Holcim Kids

Host Pepe Lou with the Holcim Kids

Excited faces scanned the park, imagining the rides that they would experience, and just how fast and high they could go. They had to imagine at this point, as the rides were turned off for the moment, ready to be switched on at Pepe Lou’s signal.

Circle of Fun Rides













It wasn’t long before the park was filled with individuals wearing the Holcim Kids’ Day shirts. Pepe Lou, dressed as a ringmaster, worked his magic with the crowd, gearing them up for a fun filled and educational day. Holcim Kids’ Day for this year had a special purpose: to teach all children to start helping the environment and others.







Honorary guests for the day were kids from the Gawad Kalinga Foundation, who entered with a fanfare of trumpets and clapping. All the kids were taught that people of all walks of life were responsible for caring for the environment, and the only way to successfully do that was to work together. Everyone was involved in games where they worked together to learn how to recycle properly.

Kids from Gawad Kalinga with host Pepe Lou

Kids from Gawad Kalinga with host Pepe Lou

Raffles and prizes were given out to squealing children, and the atmosphere was filled with happy chatter and laughter.



2 lucky winners receive an iPad 2!

2 lucky winners receive an iPad 2!

This intensified when Leodini the Magician performed his imaginative and funny tricks. 
Magic Show

Magic Show

Nearing the end of the program, and the beginning of what every child was anticipating, prizes were given out to the best works for all the conducted activities. Finally, Pepe Lou announced that the rides were open, and the kids went wild. All in all, a successful and sunny Holcim Kids’ Day.

Client: Holcim Cement
Event: Holcim Kids Day
Agency: Leung De Leon Marketing Services Inc.
Venue: Circle of Fun

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