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The Rising Star

Janjay Coquilla was born in Fairfiled California and was raised in Vallejo. He moved to the Philippines on August of 2009. He started singing regularly in front of an audience in 1996. Singing is his passion.

Janjay was approached by the advertising agency of Members Only, Leung De Leon Marketing (LDL Marketing), to perform in the lounge and bar. He already had gigs in Manila before but he was not the lead singer. He recently put together a band, the Groov Projekt, and performed in Members Only last March 8 and 22, 2011. Janjay makes you melt with his renditions of songs from the neo-soul genre and his nights in Members Only was aptly called Sexy Tuesday.

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The crowd loved him, he has a golden voice and brings a certain type of energy to his performance. He’s got style and he’s definitely got the groove! He was already a pro and to think this was his first solo act with his own band in Manila.

LDL Marketing's Theresa Leung (center) with Janjay Coquilla and the Groov Projekt

LDL Marketing’s Theresa Leung (center) with Janjay Coquilla and the Groov Projekt

 Janjay Coquilla and the Groov Projekt

Janjay Coquilla and the Groov Projekt

On the night of his first performance in Members Only he said, “Tonight was a small piece of a dream come true. I’m thankful beyond belief.” He’s already planning on recording his own songs and someday performing live in front of thousands of people.Eric Manuel, Vicky Herrera and friends-1

Eric Manuel, Janjay Coquilla, Vicky Herrera and friends

Teresa Herrera

Teresa Herrera

Janjay Coquilla and his band, Groov Projekt

This is only the beginning but Janjay Coquilla is already a star, and he’s shinning bright!

Janjay Coquilla-1

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